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. Dear Friends of Indigenous Peoples and Cultures Everywhere, I AM INDIGENOUS ! – also known as I AM I – is an international humanitarian organization founded in San Francisco on November 4, 2008, the day Barack Obama was elected president of the United States for the first time. I AM INDIGENOUS ! can be a surprised assertion, an unexpected personal realization or a strengthening step toward self-awareness, signifying the thought that “I, too, have roots and am firmly planted between heaven and earth !” That is what the name means on an inner level. In terms of outreach, I AM I is currently focusing on four tasks: I AM I wants to help ensure that Indigenous peoples are once again accorded basic civil and human rights in their own countries. I AM I will carry out its own research and support other researchers in order to help reclaim the lost wisdom of Indigenous and tribal peoples, and of traditional high cultures. I AM I is working to integrate beneficial aspects of the lives and wisdom of Indigenous peoples and traditional high cultures into today’s social and economic structures. I AM I also serves as a neutral partner and umbrella organization for the uncountable initiatives and groups around the globe that have dedicated themselves to the same or similar causes. The I AM I network currently includes well-known representatives of Indigenous peoples in Peru, Mexico, the United States and Nepal. It also has a very close working relationship with the North American peace movement. In recent months we’ve received a lot of encouragement from numerous supporters, whom we’d like to thank here. We look forward to participating in a wide range of efforts designed to assist our Indigenous brothers and sisters.

Best regards ! The founders of I AM I – I AM INDIGENOUS !

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